Best intimidating nicknames

Good Lookin – Old school (but cute) pet name that will get the job done.

to reevaluate suggestions...or, reexamine consisting words: intimidating, names, list, nicknames, most, great, dogs, boys, girls, characters, groups.Arturo "Thunder" Gatti wasn't the most skilled fighter in the ring, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a gutsier warrior who ever stepped between the ropes.Rousimar Palhares BJJ black belt Rousimar Palhares is someone that everybody wants to avoid in a grappling match.By the way: If you want to check out great nicknames for girls, read this: 150 Really Cute Nicknames for Girls Hawk – Hawk is someone strong, cool and brave.Dangle – There is nothing wrong with Dangle, but it’s kinda meh.