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During my years of travel and study in Japan, I had an opportunity to learn first-hand the ways that the Japanese used blood types and it immediately caught my attention -- especially because several years earlier I had also become fascinated with the work of Dr James D'Adamo.

His theory focused on how blood type could indicate the foods and lifestyle choices most compatible for you. After meeting Dr James D'Adamo and reading his book, I began to question everyone about their blood type in an attempt to verify if blood type diet indeed provided clues to our individual uniqueness.

Their relaxed nature makes it likely that they won't experience a lot of chronic stress, which research shows is remarkably good for heart health, immunity and mental well-being. "I'm actually very smart and I get things done, but I am not outwardly aggressive.

If I'm not being rushed, I approach problems calmly and try to get to the root of the problem.

If you’re living in North America (like I currently am), it is fairly likely that you have no idea what your blood type is.

Type A personalities may grab a lot of the spotlight, but there's definitely something to be said about having a Type B person in your corner.

Type B folks get a bad reputation for being blasé, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Below are a few things Type B individuals want you to know about their easy-going personalities, including responses from The Huffington Post's Facebook community. We also pay attention to detail but like to keep an open mind to let the creativity flow." Type Bs are not only creative individuals, they're "big picture thinkers," as The Huffington Post reported in 2014. Type Bs are known for being invested in the process rather than engaged in competition with their peers. Ruminating over problems creates a cycle of stress -- a cycle they have no interest in perpetuating. Not only that, Type Bs tend to be noncompetitive, more patient and have a comforting demeanor -- and that's certainly the type of person you want to have on your side. They have their own system to organization -- and it works. Type Bs know that whether it's happiness in the workplace or happiness at home, there's nothing quite like the comfort of feeling content with your circumstances.

This calm behavior actually works to Type B individuals' advantage. This means they look to the outcomes more so than the minor details -- a trait that can be deeply valued in the workplace. This behavior bodes well for collaborations; Type Bs are happy to share credit and take pride in the total, big picture outcome. "Our organizational process may seem like chaos to you but makes perfect sense to us." In fact, there are some perks to their state of "organized chaos." Research suggests that individuals with messier desks are more creative. They prefer a calmer pace when it comes to tackling tasks.