Communicator status not updating outlook 2016

We have run a sync operation through a batch file but this only works for the length of the current log on session on the company network.

When she turns off her machine on a night and returns to work the same fault happens.

While I am a big fan of Skype, I hate downloading updates to Skype. Upon reopening Outlook, you have a presence indicator to the left of each email address (some people have this already with Microsoft Lync). Skype decided to reinstall itself as the default IM app and insert the annoying grey boxes again.

Now with version 6.1 and 6.2 Skype automatically integrates itself with Outlook 2010 or 2013.

This means that the contact does not have a number on Lync and therefore cannot be contacted, even though the number is present in Outlook.

Update-Cs User Database is a Power Shell cmdlet for updating Lync’s user database.

From Tech Net’s description: “More often than not, the automatic synch between the user database and Active Directory will keep the information in the user database up to date.

The main new features of this version are the addition of real-time multi-client collaborative software capabilities, (which allow teams of people to see and simultaneously work on the same documents and communications session).

I have a user that has external contacts that she has added to Outlook and communicates with through Lync.