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To infer the age of ancient genomes, we take advantage of the shared history of Neanderthal gene flow into non-Africans that occurred around 50,000 y ago and measure the amount of “missing evolution” in terms of recombination breakpoints in the ancient genome compared with present-day samples.

We show that this method provides age estimates that are highly correlated to radiocarbon dates, thus documenting the promise of this approach.

Key to these studies is the reliable estimation of the age of ancient specimens.

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However, a new step-heating technique and recent advances in high-sensitivity mass spectrometry have allowed successful application of the U/Th–He method to age determinations of archaeological artifacts of gold (Eugster et al., 2009).

Here we report the application of this method to dating of gold mineralization, through the case study of an auriferous deposit in Diamantina in Brazil.

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