Error validating location cvs

This setting may be overridden on a per-user basis by # altering the JAVA_HOME setting in ~/.eclipse/eclipserc. Can I put that url a browser address bar or File Explorer? Hi, regarding your question, A1) You can check if the server is listening the port or not by netstat -n If you run it as a daemon (with -d option), you can see it by ps aux | grep svn A2) If you want to access to svn server, you need svn client (CUI or GUI). I keep getting this error when I try to view the repo: sudo svn co svn://localhost/var/local/svn/projectx svn: /var/local/svn/projectx/conf/svnserve.conf:9: Option expected or from within Ecplise: url: svn://localhost/var/local/svn/projectx Error validating location: "org.tigris.subversion.javahl.

/usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/ #/usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj #/usr/lib/kaffe/pthreads #/usr/lib/sablevm #/usr/lib/fjsdk #/usr/lib/j2se/1.5 #/usr/lib/j2se/1.4 #/usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-ibm #/usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-ibm #/usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun #/usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-sun Ok then , let's get started. You cannot use the service if you access to it by your browser (firefox? If you want to access CUI, svn co svn://localhost/var/local/svn/xxx I added article on the top post, please have a look:)Hi, I've followed all of the instructions here, but I get a "Malformed network data" error when I try to create a new repository location from eclipse. I'm using svn://localhost for my repository location. Client Exception: Malformed file svn: /var/local/svn/projectx/conf/svnserve.conf:9: Option expected" here's my ln 8 [general] 9 anon-access = read 10 auth-access = write 11 password-db = passwd # refers to passwd file in same folder 12 realm = Elemental Repository Also found some corrections to be made to the OP: [COLOR="Red"][Server - Subversion] Step1: Install subversion package sudo apt-get subversion subversion-helper-scripts subersion-tools should be sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-helper-scripts subversion-tools typos mainly..

The "Save password" option saves your password so that you don't need to keep typing it each time you connect to the repository.

After clicking Finish, the new CVS repository was added to the CVS Repositories view.

That means that if you work at home and save your files in the repository you will have access to those files from a computer at school.

In CVS a repository is a location where files are stored.

I think I'm doing exactly what I did successfully in another installation, but I get the following error: Any ideas?

I tried it with your settings and it works fine for me. Another option for getting the sources would be to use the Git mirrors (at the very bottom of with EGit. The settings also work fine for me in another Eclipse on the same machine, so I don't think it's a firewall issue.

Connecting to a CVSW repository is easy in Eclipse SW.

In fact, Eclipse has a CVS Respository Exploring perspective.