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Having time alone together can really help strengthen your relationship and I know this, but life gets in the way and every so often we find ourselves feeling like roommates, co-existing rather than a couple.When we get to this point, we have to take a step back and recommit to putting more effort into US.Not just the kids, the bills, the projects and other things that have to get done.SO, I was super excited when we were offered the opportunity to try out Couples Massage 101 where we could learn from massage professionals, correct techniques to massage and relieve tension.

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We’re always running so crazy and don’t do well at planning ahead for date night.

Read the case study on pregnancy and labour massage Make pregnancy and labour experience more comfortable, giving the mother confidence.

Massage during labour can reduce the level of pain relief needed and relaxation can help shorten your labour.

Although it may be hard to believe after reading this, I have never been tossed out of the profession or reprimanded by a state board.

But in 17 years of practicing massage therapy, I have made some whopping errors.