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Woodland caribou are scarce, but it still startled me when Doug Marshall, my photographer ski buddy, told me that biologists knew of only two or three animals in the American Selkirks. ” I asked, as we made our way through the tight trees up to the West Fork Cabin.“Nowhere,” said Marshall, as the small log cabin just then came into view.Chaco Culture National Historical Park In the remote Chaco Canyon you’ll find the remains of a sweeping community that was said to be the trade and spiritual center of the Ancient Puebloan culture.Grab a trail guide and take a self-guided tour of the great houses (public buildings), kivas (religious spaces) and plazas that stretch for miles and miles as you learn more about this mysterious civilization.This means that even in bustling Boise, the urban setting blends into mountain scenery and a lush, tree-filled location on the Boise River.This city is a perfect retreat for outdoor enthusiasts looking for city amenities, whether there's sun or snow. The challenge of catching a hefty leaping rainbow trout in a high mountain lake.Or, the aroma of bacon sizzling over an open campfire in the early morning - these are some of the lures of Idaho camping.

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Winter offers a full range of snow sports including hunting.

We want the good skiing and the caribou cows want the isolation of the mountains to have their calves. In all of British Columbia, about 1,700 woodland caribou remain (in Canada they call them mountain caribou).

Farther north in British Columbia, Canada, woodland caribou are faring better, but the closer you get to the U. Woodland caribou’s widely splayed hooves function like snowshoes, and their winter diet consists mainly of the weird, stringy lichen – some folks call it “Old Man’s Beard” – that hangs from the spruce and fir bows.

Taste a slew of local brews on a self-guided tour of 10 of the city's best microbreweries by purchasing a Boise Ale Trail passport.

Get the chance to play bartender at the Boise Hot Spot, Idaho's only automated beer wall.