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I turn of the heater, turn off the furnace and zip up 1 or 2 of the zippers and I am quite warm for the night. When you have all three pieces you can tailor it to meet the vastly changing weather conditions that can pop up overnight in Alaska or many other places. Perfect unused surplus still had the red x over the lens indicating that it is unused surplus and it also had the preservation powder on it. This is what you want to stay warm and toasty - in even the most bitter wind driven cold. They are very comfortable to wear even in 90 degree heat. This is a bag that usually goes for far more than I can afford on a reserve officer's pay. The bag came in good working order and clean with only minor cosmetic blemishes. G`day don`t expect bells and whistles from this sleeping bag, budget priced bag more suited for boy scouts and army cadets. It's great that's all can I please stop typing now?

This sweater was one of the most effective, practical, and sought after pieces of US Army cold weather equipment ever devised. Yes, it's a little heavy for backpacking, but well worth the little bit extra. I am a repeat customer - buy this item, and from them, with confidence. I lost mine years ago and now I have a new one for my office. I was a first class petty officer in the Navy and now I own first class plumbing. Since I received this garment it's very easy to have it as a favorite, it is very comfortable, keeps you warm, looks great and it's also very well constructed giving you this military looks but fashion at the same time. Love Alpha I use these goggles on a 2000 acre horse ranch when the wind picks up and the dust and hay start to fly.

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By 2007, the Navy was well into the process of preparing the land for full transfer to civilian control.

I like them very much and if I have need of more, I know right where to go for them. This is what you want to stay warm and toasty - in even the most bitter wind driven cold. I wont even dare to compare this top of the line flight suit to any other cheaper or economical flight suit available on the market. The brim is about 3/4 inch wider and the chinstrap clasp is different. (Yes, it does get cold in Arizona in the mountains in winter). These are the highest quality kit available anywhere.

I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. I use this brand of flight suits for my Rotor Wing training. Holds up well to continuous cold water washes (hang drying of course). Bought one of these for my Range Officer friend at the club (we support our veterans). and I love the pocket just under the collar that I can throw my cell phone into for easy reach... Not a bad hat, felt light and had a nice sweatband, but if you're looking for an the Sekri official hat, this isn't it (with the differences noted above). Perfect for shooting & hunting, lots of pockets for storage when travelling.

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