Oxidating phosphorylation

Aside from being efficacious Nature Clean's revolutionary microbial augmentation program is extremely cost effective.The average program cost for maintaining a typical 8 inch main is less than 2 cents per foot per week.O, selectively oxidized alcohols to aldehydes and ketones under anaerobic condition in water at 90 C with excellent yields. Iodine was compared to other positive halogens as terminal oxidant in chemoselective oxidations of alcohols using catalytic TEMPO and was shown to be superior in cases of electron-rich and heteroaromatic benzylic alcohols.

The dioxane-monochloroborane adduct hydroborates representative olefins cleanly and rapidly and lead to the corresponding alcohols in quantitative yields after oxidation.

This operationally simple, functional-group-tolerant tandem approach provides an easy access to the broad range of biologically important benzamides.

An efficient, metal-free domino protocol for the synthesis of benzamides from ethylarenes proceeds through the formation of triiodomethyl ketone intermediate in the presence of iodine as the promoter and TBHP as an oxidant followed by nucleophilic substitution with aqueous ammonia.

Excretion of salicylates increases when urine p H increases.

With acute overdose, early symptoms include nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, and hyperventilation.