Polysexual dating sites

At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, lots of emo bands, plants, taking pictures, doodling, horror moviesdislikes: potatoes, bellybuttonsim pretty easy to get along with and always lookin to talk to someone if ur interested hmu on my blog B) Name: Sabah (Sabz)Pronouns: they/them (she/her if I know you well)Personality Type: Sagittarius, INTJLocation: Central United States Orientation: polysexual About Me: I like to think of myself as generally a very chill person. I love listening to people, but if I’m comfortable with a person I could talk with them for hours.

Yes, but unfortunately if you do end up deciding that you aren’t LGBTQIA then we may ask you to leave.

We've made an effort to make the site as open and accepting of different peoples as possible.

That being said, we currently have 12 different gender identities and 18 sexual/romantic orientations selectable.

We're a dating site dedicated to helping you find love and long-lasting relationships in a safe and friendly environment regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, political outlook, fetish, fandom, or otp.

While we have geek in the name the site is really usable by everyone.