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This is also the case of Yeo Jin Goo, I normally liked the characters he played, especially his Warrior Baek Dong Soo portray from a few years back, but this time he doesn’t actually get where his character should be going.Jong Hyun is okay(ish) however I’m maintaining what I said in my first impression post about this drama, he exaggerates a lot of his actions and that makes him look really conscious of the camera. I do know that her character is meant to be a more quiet and needs to have a clear line of what her character can reach but she needs a little push because I’m getting the feeling that she was forced by her company to be in the drama, thing that may not actually be true.

Eun Ok enters Man Bo’s office and sees her husband kneeling.

While they secretly talk, Tae Soo’s friend – the detective friend- appears and finds it fishy since the two were talking so quietly.

The man wants to ask them if they know something about the body but Man Bo appears and starts shouting to the detective that he should leave the patient alone and go catch North Korean spies.

Tae Soo and Eun Ok start thinking about all kind of useless things like garlic to wake Ki Bum up from being possessed.

The two can’t do anything to stop Son from possessing Ki Bum’s body, eventually they all arrive at the place Son was buried.